Goldman Sachs

A man who came to the United States from Karachi Pakistan with little in the way of financial resources. However, his passion and hard work led him to fulfill his dream. Sal went from Quick Check stores in Kearney New Jersey to becoming Vice President, Lead Equity Research Analyst for Metals and Mining for Goldman Sachs in New York City.

A humble, loving person who put so much care and all his passion into his everyday work.

A righteous man with a disposition to do good.

Sal's inspiration and love of life flowed into everything and everyone around him.

His endless smile, beauty and poise were a work of art. His leisure consisted of involvement with charities, mentoring, marathons for causes, research, community and family.

Sal spent 15 years working in the financial markets. Sal succeeded in the Financial capital of the world because he worked hard and never compromised who he was

Sal always said, "Organization is the ingredient of success".

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