The Sal Tharani Foundation is in memory of Sohail Jaffer Tharani™ which aims to stimulate and provide support to immigrants that have a vision for improving the economic conditions for those that are less fortunate.

The Sal Tharani Foundation awards scholarships for intellectual immigrants, that will volunteer to help local community groups develop ideas that can better the economics for underprivileged areas.

We look to advance bright, goal-oriented students to become productive people contributing to the well-being of others. To create an opportunity for individuals to synergize knowledge, creativity, appreciation of aesthetics, experience and a commitment to social values and humanity in our multicultural, interconnected world.

To this end the Foundation provides scholarship and other necessary tools and resources to bright
goal-oriented students in order to encourage and inspire them to succeed in their education, and become a productive person with charitable characters and philanthropic spirits dedicated to improving the well-being of all.

Making a Difference

Your support and contributions will enable our charitable 501(c)(3) to meet our goals
to improve conditions for those less fortunate.

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